Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tag I'm it

I've never met a Meme I didn't like so here's another couple a factoids about me that you can chuckle over.

1. Do you like blue cheese? No way

2. Have you ever been drunk? No

3. Do you own a gun? We have several

4. What flavor of Kool Aid was your favorite? I thought Kool Air was for yarn

5. Have you kissed any of your Facebook friends? Yes

6. What do you think of hot dogs? Yummy

7. Favorite Christmas movie? White Christmas

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Ice Tea

9. Can you do push ups? Previously no, Thanks to Julian Michaels for the last 2 weeks the answer is yes.

10. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? My wedding ring.

11. Favorite hobby? Spinning, knitting and gardening

12. Do you have A.D.D.? No

13. What's your favorite shoe? Fat Baby's

14. Middle name? Ann

15. What's your favorite flower? Carnations

16. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink? Ice Tea (no sugar), Ice Tea & the occasional Diet Pepsi

18. Current hated food? Mushrooms

20. Do you have any tattoos? No

21. Where would you like to go? New Zealand, Ireland, Iceland and eastern Canada. I have been to Western Canada

22. What's your favorite dog breed? Shelties. I am on my 6th and 7th Sheltie

23. Do you own slippers? yes but only since I moved to Arkansas and winters are much colder than California

24. What color shirt are you wearing right now? Blue and White

25. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? No.

26. Can you whistle? No

27. Favorite color? Blue and Red

28. Would you be a pirate? No

29. What songs do you sing in the shower? Whatever pops into my head

30. Can you drive a stick shift? You betcha. Dad taught me to drive on a stich

31. Do you like your job? most day

32. What's in your pocket right now? No pockets

33. Last thing that made you laugh? dogs

34. Do you have a crush on someone? No.

35. Worst injury ever had as a young child? Never broke anything until I was 33

38. Who is your best friend? My husband.

39. How many dogs do you have? 2, 2 horses, 1 cat and hubbie

40. Does someone have a crush on you? Properly not

41. What is your favorite book? Anything by Babara Taylor Bradford

42. What is your favorite candy? Anything with Chocolate

43. Favorite Sports Team? Go 49ers (they will come back)

44. What's your age today? 44

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