Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cross Stitch Fabric Sale

Sugar Maple "Fairy Neon", Belfast/Cashel 18x27, $15 including shipping

Sugar Maple Handpainted "Peach-Berry Cobbler", Belfast, 18x27, $15.00 including shipping

Dyeing4U, various colors, 28 Ct Jazlyn, 13x18, Lot of 2 $15.00 including shipping - SOLD

Sugar Maple Handpainted, all Belfast/Cashel, 13x18, All 4 for $25.00 including shipping

Silkweaver Hand Dyed all 18x26, $20.00 including shipping - SOLD


mercy said...

Hi...I'd be interested in the Dyeing 4 U fabrics and the last picture of the Silkweaver's fabric. Do you accept paypal??

barb michelen said...

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bernard n. shull said...

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Pike said...


have you still got the fabrics? I'd like to buy all the Sugar Maple Handpainted... Paypal?

Pirjo from Finland

moodie said...

I want to buy all your Sugar Maple fabrics. Please sent me an e-mail with what you have left
thank you!